About Us

My name is Lee, and I am the owner and manager of Magic Nails & Spa. My wife Tammy, 7- year old daughter Laci, and I immigrated to the United States from Vietnam in 1999. It was our vision to live the “American Dream” by running a successful business, owning a home, and enabling our children to receive a college education. To work toward those ultimate goals, Tammy and I attended school to become licensed nail technicians, followed by three years working in the nail industry in Southern Illinois. During that time, I gained the experience and knowledge needed to open a professional salon of my own.

Everything began with the Fall 2002 opening of Magic Nails & Spa, located here in Southview Plaza in O’Fallon Illinois. By recognizing the issues of cleanliness and the lack of clientele safety in the nail industry as a whole, I focused on achieving excellence through unsurpassed hygiene and top notch customer service. Our passion continues, as we provide a different experience from other nail salons with our highest standards in pedicures, manicures, nail extensions, and innovative nail care.

I am devoted, passionate, and ambitious. I always research the newest technology to make sure our clients are as safe and comfortable as possible. With that in mind, my newest and most exciting change is the introduction of Magic Cross and Magic Shield. Magic Cross and Magic Shield are explained further at Green M.Cross and Green M.Shield symbols or M.Cross M.Shield video. The introduction of Magic Cross and Magic Shield represents my worthy pursuit to remain the best nail salon O Fallon in our area.


Le’s family in St. Louis in 2006

Business has been a tremendous success for over 11 years, thanks to our loyal clients who recognize the quality of service they receive every time they walk through our door. As for the “American Dream” we wished for, we own a beautiful home here in O’Fallon. We now have two daughters! Laci is attending a four year university here in Illinois. Brittney, who was born in 2003, attends Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary School.

Our family sincerely appreciates your business and loyalty. Our team of nail professionals will continue to create a peaceful, sanitary, inviting environment to make your spa and experience the best it can be.

O’Fallon, lL Fall 2013

with warmest regards

Lee Le