At Magic Nails and Spa, the products we apply during your treatments are of professional quality, thus making it difficult to achieve the same results at home. We recommend you receive manicures and pedicures on a regular basis to maintain your cuticles, and to control calluses and nail ridges. For artificial nail enhancements, please have them refilled every two weeks. Failure to refill your nails in a timely manner can lead to lifting, which allows foreign matter to become trapped between the artificial and natural nail. This can result in a bacterial or fungal infection.

To ensure long lasting results from our treatments and products, give your hands & feet some tender loving care between visits. Be sure to check out our personal care tips below:

Try to wear gloves while performing household work to prevent polish from chipping. Try not to immerse hands or feet in water for extended periods of time.

Please do not use nails to open pop top cans. While artificial nail enhancements are stronger and more durable than natural nails, they are not indestructible!

Apply nail strengtheners to strengthen your nail plate.

Apply a thin coat of clear polish every other day to protect your polish.

If possible, do not expose any area to be waxed to sunlight for 24 hours before a treatment. Do not expose newly waxed area to sunlight 24 hours after a treatment because of heightened skin sensitivity.